Participants, Advisors and Supporters

Community Advisory Board:

  • Tom Acosta, community activist and artist
  • Jean Battlo, playright and activist
  • Alan Johnston, bluegrass musician and photographer
  • Beth Green, photographer and office manager at natural resource company
  • Josh Clevenger, Riverview High School student and mascot

Organizational Support:

Professional Advisors:

Community Filmmakers:

  • Shawn Penwarden
  • Renee Bolden
  • Alyssa Grahovac
  • Matthew Goodson
  • Tyler Christian
  • Janice Stanley
  • Simon Kay
  • Fred Rice
  • Ryan Ramirez
  • Katelyn Justice
  • Ron Serino
  • 4H campers
  • Keystone “Sky’s the Limit” campers
  • Emily Hicks
  • Jessica Hicks
  • Melissa Green
  • Robbie Goodson
  • Cody Church
  • Nathan Acosta
  • Mark LaCaria
  • Elaine Long

Featured Residents:

  • Alan Johnston
  • Shawn Penwarden
  • Stephanie Penwarden
  • Rita “Nessie” Hunt
  • Manuel Collins
  • Joshua Clevenger
  • Linda McKinney
  • Mary Lewis
  • Susan Hardy
  • Nikki Cavalier Rabel
  • Marsha Timpson
  • Tom Hatcher
  • Ron Serino
  • Stacy Grubb
  • Tony Wheeler
  • Penni Padgett
  • Harold McBride
  • Darren Blankenship
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Darrell Smith
  • Harry Switch
  • Anna Switch
  • Ellis Ray Williams
  • Anita Wolfe
  • Robert Goodwin
  • Alexander Wright
  • Eric Mathis
  • Ed Shepard
  • Melissa Green
  • Chloe Green
  • Robert Diaz
  • Sarah Diaz
  • Elaine LaCaria
  • Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark
  • Dan Clark
  • Jean Battlo
  • Markella Gianato
  • Tom Acosta

People Are Talking:

Morgan Spurlock: American documentary filmmaker (Super Size Me)

Homer Hickam: NASA Engineer, Award-Winning Author of “October Sky

United States Senator, Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)

Public Laboratory: Creators of grassroots mapping techniques, such as balloon mapping.







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