What is the Community Saying?

McDowell County has truly been blessed to have Elaine McMillion and The Hollow Team with us during the summer of 2012.  Her positive attitude and contagious spirit has truly brought a light to our little corner of WV.  During the storms and power outages of June, 2012, Elaine and her fellow Hollow team members were among the first volunteers to show up at the Food Bank and pitched right in assisting with water and food distributions to storm victims.  Through the summer she has assisted many times with sorting and distribution to our families in need.  She truly has a heart for our people.  Her inspiration, leadership of the Hollow team and her passion for her work will truly shine when McDowell County is presented in a positive, uplifting manner when Hollow is launched 2013.

Linda McKinney

I am so excited about Hollow and thankful to Elaine McMillion and her team for what they have done to show McDowell County in a positive light. Too many times, we have been portrayed negatively. But there is good going on here and great people. And it’s time the world knows that we aren’t as mainstream media portrays us. We are BETTER!

Melissa Workman Green

I am anxious for the Hollow site to launch. I think it will inspire the residents of McDowell County to see the efforts of their neighbors to make changes for the better here where we all live.

Alan Johnston

I’m not sure I can explain the hope and sense of community that Hollow has inspired.  I have been able to make new friends and share with many others what is truly important to me.  Hollow has given McDowell County the voice that we have never had before, and an opportunity to be seen as a people who have overcame great obstacles and keep going.  I  greatly appreciate the dedication and hard work that Elaine and the Hollow team have done to give McDowell County a chance for our voice to be truly heard.

Renee Bolden

The entire Hollow crew is made up of very intelligent, thoughtful, and deeply committed people. They 
have the ability to see people for who they are – to see the beauty in 
the simple, the kindness in a stranger, the good in the ugly. 
Additionally, their talent is aided by their character, they believe in 
what they are doing, and they have a love and dedication to the 
community that is completely genuine. My transition to working alongside
them (albeit, very briefly) was seamless, and often times I felt like I had known them for 
years. Without their incredible dedication and insight, this project 
could not turn out to be as it is intended to be, a true representation 
of McDowell County, West Virginia. I have no doubts that with this crew 
and the community members they work with, that the documentary will turn
out to be anything less than spectacular. I am so thankful just to have
been able to have had the opportunity to see such amazing people doing AWESOME things!!

Megan Adams

When i first heard about this project, i just thought it’d be another lost cause, until i actually met elaine here at iron worx tattoo, then started viewin her work at hollowthefilm.com…. i just wanna say that u have my full support elaine!!! i love what ur doin, and im thankful for the insight i now have about my own county!!! if it worked on me, it should work on everybody who sees the films!!!  we need to get this out there!!!! thx HOLLOW!!!!! thx Elaine!!!!!!

Darren @ Iron Worx

I can’t wait to see the Hollow Documentary.  Elaine and her group of volunteers have done an excellent job getting the word out.  This project is a great thing for McDowell County.  It shows positive things about the county.

Andrea Echols Moorehead

Elaine is showing what it is like to be a TRUE West Virginian

Woody Church

I’m so excited about what Elaine has done with Hollow! Our county seems to have been the go-to place to get a quick story on negative issues, but for the first time I can remember, someone is finally wanting to tell the whole story about McDowell county and all the wonderful things about living here as well. I believe Hollow will help show everyone why they shouldn’t give up on McDowell County, WV just because so many other people have.

Jessi Shumate

Elaine has been ever faithful and watchful over the entire project…This has been great for our entire community.

Marina Church

We are very excited about Hollow, and proud that we could be a part of it in some small way. What Elaine and her team have done here in McDowell County is truly amazing; to call her “inspirational” is no understatement. In 10 years we’ve seen a lot of people come and go through this county with “projects” that leave nothing behind of value- not so with Elaine and Hollow.

Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark

I heard about Hollow from our local news station and contacted Elaine. I was really worried about how we were about to be portrayed and wanted to know what her “angle” was and if I could offer and help to her. I love my county, it’s history, and want better for it than the treatment we have received in the past. I want people to see what I see, the mountains, the beauty, and the way we have been forgotten in McDowell County. We provide, we provide but we’re left to molder away, our structures are crumbling, both in physical structures and as a community. Drugs, a poor education system, lack of jobs, and poor medical systems are killing us all, chipping away at a once proud place, still inhabited by very proud people. I want people to see that and tell us solutions, viable solutions that we can implement. I like the idea of the community itself coming together to design and implement those strategies, as well. And, we have a lot of interesting stories to tell.
I’m very proud to have been a part of this project, even if it’s in a small way. I feel like I have contributed to something important and it has changed the way I see the world. I can see it through a lens or I can see it in real life. Sometimes that lens brings us closer to seeing reality more than when we look without a lens.
Now that I’ve met Elaine and worked with her, I want to help her succeed. She is an intelligent, hard-working, and wonderful person that genuinely cares. She has made us care again and opened my eyes, at least, to just how wonderful this county is. There were places I didn’t know, people I didn’t know that I do now because of her. While we’ve been busy giving her ourselves and our stories she has given us a sense of pride back, and she has given us back our history that has been forgotten. She has given us our county back, our voices back, and we can never thank her enough for that!

Jan Domingue



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