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McDowell County Community: Tell your own story

Hollow is a project that hinges on community support and resident involvement. We are looking for people of all ages who want to share their stories and be involved with the production of community-produced short documentaries.

There are currently 5 community cameras located in various parts of the county (Bradshaw, Northfork, Caretta, Welch and Kimball).

To reserve a camera click the “CONTACT US” button below and send your request with the following information: name, age, hometown and story idea.

The community video coordinators in McDowell will providing training and rent the camera to you for one week.


For those outside of Southern West Virginia


Click “Contact Us” below to receive updates about volunteer opportunities. Until those positions are available your action of spreading the word is invaluable.



Please share the website and videos by email/Facebook/Twitter with friends, family, colleagues, your local representatives and businesses that are interested in seeing rural areas improve for the future. There are buttons at the bottom of every page making sharing easy! Also, share and follow Hollow’s Tumblr for daily updates.


Our Kickstarter campaign has successfully ended, but we’re still funding additional phases of the project. Donate by clicking below. Thank you for your support!

Take Control of the Future

We are currently looking for individuals and businesses who want to collaborate in providing ideas for the future of Southern West Virginia.

Project Director

Participatory Mapping